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Prospectus For Parents

My name is Debbie and I have been a registered childminder since 2002 and was previously a nanny in Italy for seven years. I am married to Glenn who is also a registered childminder. We have one daughter whose name is Mollie.

We have four dogs called: Michael, Honey, Bella and Chloe.
All animals are we looked after and are up to date with their vaccinations and are well behaved.

We offer quality childcare, in a welcoming and stimulating home environment with the opportunity for children to grow up and respect the welfare of animals. 
We are registered with OFSTED and the Borough of Poole. Our OFSTED inspections have been Good over the years and we are now graded as Outstanding in 2013.
We work very hard to keep this setting achieve its ongoing goals, to provide a very high standard of care, for all children, of all ages. 

Training and Qualifications
Debbie has passed her ICP, DCP & ECP equivalent to (NVQ Level 3) Qualifications.
We are all competent First Aiders and have attended many children learn through play courses. 
We both received (OUTSTANDING) Reports for our OFSTED Inspection, which was in January 2013.
Our Current Ofsted Report is on the Ofsted Page. October 2019.
We are committed to ongoing training and personal and professional development. Please see our personal training record, all details of training we have undertaken and of training which we plan for the future.

Mollie our daughter is an assistant to Debbie and is now studying for her NVQ Level 3.
Mollie has completed her Safeguarding Training, Paediatric First-aid and is DBS checked.

Glenn  is not working as a childminder but keeps up to date with current eyfs. 
He is at Advanced level and has passed his DIHBC level 3, and the (NVQ Level 3) Qualification.
I have been registered as a childminder since November 2006 working I am now a back up for Debbie and Mollie if and when needed..

Debbie's Mum and Dad, Ann & Roly in an Emergency who have been DBS checked.

We offer the 
3 & 4 year old Funding,
30 or 15 hours per week
Childcare Education 
We offer 15 hours of the 2 year old Funding 
Please see details below
The Service We Provide – Aims
We aim to provide children in our care with the opportunity to develop at their own pace, to feel valued and secure, and to develop positive self-esteem and confidence
in themselves and others.
We aim to do this by providing a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment
with quality play experiences, encouraging interaction with adults and children
and provide opportunities for children to make choices, to explore, and to communicate their ideas.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The (EYFS) Early Years Foundation Stage really covers all that we do with the
children, including regular routines, planned activities and unplanned opportunities
and includes group experiences. We plan to provide varied and stimulating activities according to individual needs and preferences and to use spontaneous opportunities as they arise.
As childminders, working in a home environment, we have the flexibility to use and value such events as the birth of a new baby in the family, changes in the weather and interest developing from new books or items brought in by the minded children.
We are able to take advantage of local events, to visit places of special interest, and we aim to offer the children in our care a wide range of experiences.
The (EYFS) is from birth to 31 August after their 5 birthday, with children progressing through the six Areas of Learning and Development. We aim to plan a flexible curriculum, supported by the accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage and to provide learning opportunities within these 
Seven Areas of Learning, these being:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication Language
Understanding of the World
Physical Development
Expressive Art & Design 

Parents are welcome to view and discuss their child’s learning journal. The regular activities plan will be on display at the notice board for parent’s information.

Learning Journals of Children's Progress
Whilst playing and interacting with the children we are continually observing and assessing. We aim to work in partnership with parents and will share with them in daily diary news about our day’s activities.
We keep photographic records of activities, and children have individual records of their progress to share with parents. We aim to use observations to inform our planning, to build on achievements and interests and to support children's ongoing development in all areas.

(There is more information of our Confidentiality Policy on request)
Behaviour Management
We believe that by providing a happy well-managed environment, the children in our care are encouraged to develop social skills that
will help them to be accepted and welcomed in society as they grow up.
We recognise the need to set reasonable and appropriate limits to be consistent and help children manage their behaviour.
(There is more information of our  Behaviour Management Policy on request)
Equal Opportunities
We will ensure that each child is treated with equal concern and plan for their individual needs and to welcome the diversity of backgrounds from which they come.
(There is more information of our Equal Opportunities Policy on request)
Special Educational Needs
Children with special needs, as all children are welcome in our home, after consultation with parents and with due regards to the needs of all children in our care.
(There is more information of our Special Needs Policy on request)

Debbie's Little Angels is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Debbie’s Little Angels
Debbie Timothy & Glenn Timothy
Registered Childminders
Members of Poole Childminders



As registered childminder, we have many different policies in
place to help parents/guardians understand the procedures we
will follow to ensure their children's safety and well being.
These policies also help us to  keep to a high standard
of health and care for your child. 

We have a full list that is detailed on our BABY'S DAY'S Website for Parents.

Please find below a list of the main policies that we support :

  • Partnership with Parents

  • Raising a Concern or Complaint

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Safeguarding Children Policy

  • Child Protection Policy

  • SENDS Policy - Special Educational Needs/Disability

  • Lost or Uncollected Children

  • Behaviour Policy

  • Children’s Sickness Policy

  • Emergency Plan

  • Confidentiality Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • and many more...

We follow the Statutory Framework for the EYFS 2019
(early years Foundation Stage). We will be happy to email
you a copy of all our policies and procedures or a hard copy,
if you wish to visit us in person.